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2014 Lenten Booklet


Here are links to the last dozen recorded sermons:




17 Aug 2014 Pushing the Boundaries Rev. Joel Guillemette
27 Jul 2014 Invasive Minis Rev. Joel Guillemette
20 Jul 2014 Feeling Earth's Pain Rev. Joel Guillemette
13 Jul 2014 Waste Not, Harvest Not Rev. Joel Guillemette
6 Jul 2014 Get Off the Fence Rev. Joel Guillemette
29 Jun 2014 On the Receiving End Rev. Joel Guillemette
15 Jun 2014 Two-Minded Mission Rev. Joel Guillemette
8 Jun 2014 Peace to Release Rev. Joel Guillemette
1 Jun 2014 Survival Strategy Rev. Joel Guillemette
11 May 2014 Multitasking Rev. Joel Guillemette
20 Apr 2014 11:15 AM Go to Galilee Rev. Joel Guillemette
20 Apr 2014 9:30 AM Why Are You Here? Rev. Joel Guillemette
Click HERE to access the online archive of sermons for earlier recordings.


Sunday Morning Traditional Worship - 9:30 am in the Sanctuary

Our Sunday Morning worship service is traditional but lively. Children attend worship with their families for the call to worship, opening hymn, opening prayer, first scripture reading and a special time with the pastors before leaving for their Sunday School classes. Our pastors are known for their thoughtful and inspirational sermons. Lay liturgists participate as appropriate. Music plays a major role in the service through congregational singing, a talented choir and organist, skilled vocal soloists and frequent instrumental accompaniment. Music styles are varied. Nursery care is provided, and a windowed family room provides audio input and a view of the proceedings in the sanctuary.


Concurrent Sunday School

Concurrent Sunday School classes for two-year olds through seventh graders meet during the 9:30 am worship service, following the opening of worship and the children’s time with the pastors in the sanctuary.


Our Sunday School is overseen by a professional Director of Christian Education and taught by volunteers from the congregation.


Abundant parking space is available on our campus.

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